is a premium service wich can provide you acces to watch :

Because we offer so much, and are utilizing so many resources; we ask for a subscription fee in order to gain access to the best streaming service on the planet!

Subscription amount is: 10$ per 1 Month

Why we are the best :

NBAPASS Free WebStreams NBA Leaguepass
Mac Compatible
iOS Compatible
Console Support
Device Support Android, iOS + Android, iOS +
No Ads
No lag/freezing
Additional Software?
Blackout Restrictions
Game Chat
Game Archives Soon!
Watch Multiple Games
Home and Away Feeds
Delay from Live 20-50 Seconds 60-90+ seconds 30-60 seconds
Highlights Soon!
Condensed Game Recaps Soon!
DVR Capabilities
Events NBA + PPV’s! N/A NBA
Bitrate Adaptive 800-4500Kbps < 500Kbps 400-4500Kbps
Frames Per Second up to 60 FPS < 25 FPS 30 FPS
Picture Size 1280×720 640×360 1280×720
Quality up to 720p HD (60 FPS) < VGA up to 720p HD (30 FPS)
Fee $10 per month Varies $25-$30
Payment Methods Credit Card N/A Credit Card
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