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About Us

We thank you for trusting NBAPASS.net with your most valuable leisure activity (watching and talking about hockey!). At NBAPASS, we aim to provide the best value you can possibly receive for your dollar. Your subscription fees go a long way to supporting our website and we thank every body who participates.

NBAPASS was founded in the middle part of 2011. We have experienced substantial growth over that period and are proud to be offering services that no body else can. (live streams of all of every single Pre-season, Regular Season and Post Season games).

This service was spawned due to similar other services being unable to deliver the perfection that we NBA fans have come to expect from our game. Gone are the blackouts, low quality streams, and flipping between channels.

There are sure to be some folks reading this and creating a short list of questions. If you fall in to this category, We welcome you to Contact Us. We value your feedback, criticism, and concerns.